Wes Fleming

I take this opportunity to congratulate Wes Fleming, a leading horticulturalist with Fleming’s Nurseries in my electorate of Monbulk and a good friend of Meagan and I, on being awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in this year’s Australia Day honours. I have spoken in this place before about Wes and Fleming’s Nurseries, in particular Wes’s success at the Chelsea Flower Show. Along with designer Phillip Johnson, Wes and his team was awarded the prestigious Best in Show medal in 2013.

Wes received his OAM for his service to the horticultural industry and to landscape architecture. He has a driving passion to raise the profile of the horticultural industry and promote the greening of our urban spaces. He is currently transforming kindergarten playgrounds, replacing plastic equipment with natural play spaces. There is so much we as a community and as a government can learn from Wes and his team. His award is so well deserved. Yet so typical of Wes, when I sent him a message of congratulations he sent me this reply:

Thanks James, stoked! Although, honestly, I’m just the front man for a bunch of really special people!

That is Wes: humble and passionate. Our community in the hills is proud of Wes Fleming and what he has achieved for the horticultural industry. There is a lot more we can do in partnership with people like Wes in this industry to promote the greening of our urban spaces, and I think there is a real opportunity to do just that.