Upwey Tecoma community recreational and sporting hub

I raise a matter for the attention of the Minister for Sport and Recreation in the other place. The action I  seek is that the minister approve a Community Facilities Funding program major  facilities application for the  Upwey  Tecoma  community  recreational  and  sporting  hub   (UTCRASH).   I congratulate Yarra Ranges Shire Council and the councillors  that  have  approved the  application,  including Councillor  Maria McCarthy,  seeking  $500  000  for  this  very  exciting  project to  replace  a well-loved  but  updated  pavilion,  which includes portables acting  as  change rooms.

This is so much more than the average community sporting facility.  Rather  than catering  for  2,  3  or  4 sporting clubs, this is a genuine whole-of-community project, with 25  member groups representing  over  3000 local members  and also benefiting some 1250 students and staff at schools in Upwey and Tecoma.

There  is  an  impressive list of clubs and organisations that are involved  and that will benefit:  Upwey Tecoma Football and Netball Club; Upwey  Tecoma Junior Football Club;  Upwey  Tecoma  Cricket  Club;  Upwey  Tecoma  Auskick;  Il  Shim Taekwondo International; Upwey Taekwondo and Self-Defence; Belgrave Probus Club; Sherbrooke U3A; Ranges  Chess  Club; Mountain Tigers Basketball Club; Sherbrooke Basketball  Association; Upwey South Netball  Club;  Upwey  South  Tennis  Club; Kidfest; Upwey High School; and Upwey Primary School.

UTCRASH has  provided great leadership on  this project through  people  such as Andrew Peterson and  Andrew  Fullager.  They  have  done  all they can to secure funding for this project. Indeed,  they have secured funding from everywhere bar the state, which is the subject of this application. Yarra  Ranges Shire Council has committed just over $1 million to this project. The federal  government  has confirmed $500 000 for this project. The Dandenong Ranges Community Bank Group’s contribution is a $250 000 million.

Contributions from the clubs both in cash and in kind  amount to $200 000. It is a $2.5  million  project. The clubs are the organisations of UTCRASH are seeking $500 000. I have  been  proud to support and  work  closely with UTCRASH over  a number of  years. I  have worked  with principal  Tom Daly at Upwey High School. This  is a wonderful community project. Again I congratulate and thank the Yarra Ranges Shire Council. I call on the Minister for Sport and Recreation to approve this application for funding.