Member for Frankston

The Premier said in his press conference, ‘We will not be  held to ransom by Mr  Shaw and his antics’. Yes,  he will be held to ransom. There  is no government  business  program and  no  debate about the  Privileges Committee report  into the rorting of the member for Frankston — no debate.  We have  said quite clearly that  the  opposition will not stand  in the way of the budget; the budget will be passed. We are not going to stand in the way of wages for firefighters, teachers and nurses. We are prepared to pass the budget  today and get on to the debate around the rorting member for Frankston.

This  is  a  government  absolutely  held  to  ransom  by the rorting member for Frankston. It does not want the debate now, because it does  not have the member for  Bass in the tent. The member for Bass agrees with Labor that the member for Frankston ought to be expelled and kicked out of this Parliament.

Anyone outside of  this place  doing what  the member for Frankston did would be sacked. We should get on to the debate and sack the rorting member for Frankston out of this chamber.