Boronia K-12

The Boronia K – 12 project is the most significant education project in this region of the city of Knox for generations; it is simply that important in terms of the educational opportunities for young people in Boronia and the surrounding communities. I have worked closely with Colin Davies, the principal of Boronia Primary School, and Kate Harnetty, the principal of Boronia Heights College, and both school communities for a number of years to get this project off the ground. It has the full and active support of the eastern regional office of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. It is acknowledged by the department as being their highest priority.

Labor recognised the need and the unique opportunity that this project presented. In the 2010 state budget $10 million was allocated by the previous Labor government for stage 1 works, which I am very proud of. These works are almost complete. Stage 2 funding is now urgently required.  Stage 2 includes a new administration building, a new senior programs building and a new learning neighbourhood facility. The facilities provided for in stage 1 will be of limited use to students until stage 2 is completed.

The delay in funding Stage 2 is hurting students and families. We cannot as a community either accept a half-finished school or allow the slow destruction of Boronia Heights College.

Boronia Heights Secondary College