When Will Victorians Receive Their Energy Concessions?

Low income families across the Monbulk Electorate will suffer from the Baillieu Government’s flip flopping on when it will introduce energy concessions across Victoria, James Merlino, Member for Monbulk said today.

“In December Premier Ted Baillieu said he would fast track a year-round electricity concession for electricity bills to start on 1 January,” James Merlino said.

“The Government vowed to make this a priority, but more than two months later our local pensioners and low income earners are still waiting to find out when the concessions will start.

“Low income families across the Monbulk Electorate are now seeing their energy bills arriving in the mail, but the concessions are not.

“It’s still unclear when Victorians will benefit from the energy concessions the Baillieu Government promised to deliver.”

Shadow Minister for the Cost of Living, Lily D’Ambrosio said that even the Minister responsible for delivering the concessions, Mary Wooldridge doesn’t know when they will begin.

“Earlier this week Minister Mary Wooldridge was unequivocal in her statement that they would not be introduced until 1 July,” Ms D’Ambrosio said.

“24 hours later, a red-faced Ted Baillieu and his Minister again failed to confirm the 1 January commencement date.”

Ms D’Ambrosio questioned whether Ms Wooldridge was across her portfolio or had Ted Baillieu forgotten to ask her to fast track concessions?

“Victorians deserve to know when they will start benefiting from the concessions.”

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