Statement From The Minister For Emergency Services

We welcome today’s decision of the MFB Board to support a new workplace agreement for its firefighters.

Our firefighters make an enormous contribution to keeping our community safe. They deserve to be supported  and respected with the security of a workplace agreement.

This industrial uncertainty has gone on for far too long.

A key breakthrough in finally reaching the agreement was that for the first time fire agencies and the United Firefighters Union have agreed to work together to directly tackle culture and diversity issues.

A new steering committee will be established to oversee the development of initiatives to improve culture and diversity in our fire services. This committee will include both of our fire agencies and union representatives.

There have been a number of reports over the last decade that have made clear the issues our fire services face.

That is why the government has already announced extra funding to support culture change and targets to increase female firefighter numbers and this steering committee is an important next step in reforming our fire services.

In line with federal legislation, the agreement will now be put to a vote of the workforce before being sent to the Fair Work Commission.

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