Ryan confesses he won’t deliver PSO rollout promise

Embattled Police Minister Peter Ryan has admitted he will not meet his election promise to have two PSOs patrolling every station on the suburban rail network, Opposition police spokesman James Merlino said today.

Mr Merlino said the Deputy Premier revealed today he could not guarantee deploying two PSOs onMelbourne’s 216 suburban train stations.

“Mr Ryan and the Premier have repeatedly told Victorians that they will deploy two PSOs on their station, but today Mr Ryan broke that promise,” Mr Merlino said.

“Mr Ryan’s back down is a major embarrassment for the Baillieu Government.

“Mr Ryan admitted the Chief Commissioner is responsible for directing police resources, which includes PSOs.

“It is the Government that sets the policy, and it was Mr Ryan who repeatedly said two officers would patrol each station. He must also accept the responsibility for the fact that stations might miss out on PSOs altogether.

“It’s taken the Police Minister 20 months to fess up to the public that they won’t get what he promised.

“Mr Ryan and the Baillieu Government made the PSO policy central to its 2010 election campaign, but voters might find that their train station won’t get the promised PSOs after all.”

Mr Merlino said Mr Ryan’s admission was the latest in a long line of problems with the much-maligned PSO policy.

“The Deputy Premier has overseen the implementation of this policy, which has been marked by regular cost blowouts, lagging recruitment, and the inability to meet any timeline,” he said.

This government either does nothing or gets it completely wrong.

“Today’s PSO back down just adds to the long list of broken promises from this mean-spirited and wrong-headed government.”