Proposed McDonalds In Tecoma

“I do not as a rule publicly criticise Yarra Ranges Council, unfortunately this has to be the exception. As the State Member of Parliament representing the Dandenongs I must respond to what I consider to be an extremely poor recommendation by its officers which, if adopted, has far reaching consequences for our region.”

“Having read the Officer’s Recommendation regarding the proposed McDonalds outlet in Tecoma I can only conclude that Council Officers have completely failed to uphold and enforce our planning protections.”

“I am greatly disappointed in the standard of the report, the conclusions it draws and the recommendation it makes.”

“It inadequately addresses the issue of neighbourhood character – the building will be approximately six times larger than any other in Tecoma. To suggest the proposal ‘will not elevate’ Tecoma ‘from its present local status’ is a joke. The massive numbers required to go through this business cannot be sustained by the local community. The character of Tecoma will be permanently altered from what we enjoy today.”

“The report fails on the vital issue of traffic. The applicant’s traffic report pretended that McNicol Road does not exist. Council Officers have not challenged this. The ramifications of extra traffic on Sandells Road and other local streets as a result of Council’s recommendations have also not been addressed. Our planning protections regarding signage have not been enforced.”

“What is Council’s planning department there for if not to protect and enhance what is special and unique to our region and to support the wishes and expectations of the clear majority of our community?”

“Either 1100 objections mean something or they do not. Unfortunately we can only conclude that according to Council’s Officers they do not.”

“The Officer’s Report fails our community. I can only hope that our elected representatives display a better understanding of our planning controls and what is needed to protect the Dandenongs from becoming just another suburb of Melbourne.

“If this proposal goes ahead, precedence will be established allowing for other similar outlets throughout our region. Protecting the character of the Dandenongs requires constant vigilance, unfortunately on this occasion our Council Officers have let us down.

“I call on our elected Councillors to refuse this application at its meeting on 11th October.”

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