Funding for Schools and Kids in Need

Thursday 26 February 2015

The Andrews Labor Government has provided funding certainty for non-government schools, ensuring the needs of each and every Victorian child will be assessed equally.

The Education Training and Reform Amendment (Funding for Non-Government Schools) Bill was passed through Parliament today, giving independent and catholic schools funding certainty.

The Bill passed despite the Greens Party voting against this legislation and against funding for disadvantaged kids.

Our independent and Catholic schools cater to a wide range of communities around the state, serving unique and diverse cultural, religious and social needs.

Unlike the Greens Party, the Andrews Labor Government is committed to supporting each and every student in Victoria, particularly those in disadvantaged communities, regardless of their background or the school they attend.

This legislation will ensure that funding for non-government schools will be allocated on the basis of student need so that our most disadvantaged families receive enough support.

It will provide transparency to the entire education sector and ensure growth in government school funding flows through to non-government schools.

37 per cent of Victorian students are currently enrolled in non-government schools.

Quotes attributable to the Minister for Education, James Merlino

“This means that funding for non-government schools will go to the students that need it the most, so that disadvantaged families can get enough support.”

“The Greens Party voted against this legislation and against funding for disadvantaged kids.”

We are making Victoria the Education State. We’ll invest in education, rebuild our schools and help our kids get the best start in life.”

Funding For Schools And Kids In Need