Baillieu’s broken teacher promise impacts school camps in Wandin

The Baillieu Government’s ongoing impasse with teachers on pay and conditions has slashed $2 million from the school camps sector, Shadow Education Minister James Merlino said today.

Mr Merlino, who raised the case of a local school camp operator in Wandin in Parliament today, said Mr Baillieu’s failure to negotiate an agreement with teachers over the last two years had resulted in industrial action that was preventing thousands of schools students from going away on camp.

“Mr Baillieu’s intransigence in dealing with teachers is now having an affect on businesses and communities across the state,” he said.

“What is generally a peak period for camp operators, the months of February, March and April are looking very quiet, which is causing financial pain for operators like Tracey and Danny, from Gundiwindi Lodge in Wandin, north of Melbourne.

“Already this year, Gundiwindi Lodge has experienced losses of $90,000 as a result of cancelled school camps. This will only grow if the dispute is allowed to fester.

“But the impact doesn’t stop with family-run camp operators like Tracey and Danny, it is causing knock-on effects to their suppliers, their employees and the towns that rely on the income the school camps create.

“This is to say nothing of the students that have been prevented from having the essential learning experience that is school camp.”

Mr Merlino said the Premier had to step in and get an outcome for teachers, for students and their families and for the community in general.

“If there was ever a time for Mr Baillieu to show some leadership it is now,” Mr Merlino said.

“Labor has provided him evidence over two Parliament sitting weeks, and indeed over the past two years, about the effect that the weeping sore which is the teacher’s dispute is having.

“With every day that passes it is clear that Mr Baillieu isn’t trying to fix the issue he has created with Victoria’s teachers because Mr Baillieu simply isn’t working on education.”