Baillieu inaction causes Parkwood Secondary to close

Parkwood Secondary College, one of the schools within the Maroondah Regeneration project, could be forced to close at the end of the year leaving students, their families and teaching staff with an uncertain future, Shadow Minister for Education James Merlino said today.

Parkwood Secondary was one of seven schools in the regeneration project, started by Labor, that would have created specialised academic and sporting campuses.

Mr Merlino said rather than securing the future of education in the area, the $100 million regeneration had ground to a halt since the Baillieu Government came to office.

“ParkwoodSecondaryCollegeis another victim of the Baillieu Government’s $500 million cuts to education,” Mr Merlino said.

“The future for education was bright in Maroondah when the seven schools proposed a plan to share resources and provide even better outcomes for local students.

“Mr Baillieu, however, cut the project’s funding and walked away from the regeneration plan drawn up by Labor. This has left staff and students in the lurch as the school is set to close at the end of the year.”

Member for Eastern Metropolitan Shaun Leane said the regeneration project was in tatters because of the Baillieu Government.

“The Maroondah Regeneration was the result of hundreds of hours of work from the school councils and principals from each school – all of which was completely ignored by the Baillieu Government,” he said.

“Before the election, Local Liberal MPs David Hodgett and Ryan Smith broadly supported the plan, but since winning government, they have sat idly by as the plan fell apart.

“Despite their weasel words before the election, the Liberals have gone back on their word and are not supporting the project.

“The school’s decision means the school will closes at the end of the year – it is not too late for the Baillieu Government to commit to the project and fix this mess.”