Baillieu Budget Fails Families In Monbulk

Monbulk families have missed out on crucial improvements in health, education and community safety in Ted Baillieu’s first State Budget, Labor Member for Monbulk, James Merlino, said today.

Ted Baillieu has failed to deliver for the people of Monbulk.

“Victoria’s economic credentials are regarded as among the best in Australia therefore Mr Baillieu must explain why he failed to deliver on Stage 2 funding for the new Boronia K-12 school.

Mr Merlino said local families, from both Boronia Heights College and Boronia Primary School communities, who were waiting for this investment and will be extremely disappointed to find out it was overlooked in the State Budget.

“This means that the most important school development for this region in generations will lay idle once Stage 1 works are completed around November this year”, Mr Merlino said

“Mr Baillieu must also explain why he failed to deliver to other schools across the region such as Emerald Primary School, The Basin Primary School and Boronia Heights Primary School.

“This is slap in the face for local families after Mr Baillieu decided to fund school projects on the basis of politics, rather than based on need.

“The Baillieu Government’s quickly developing a bad record in education having previously admitted to slashing $338 million from the education budget and walking away from the Victorian Schools Plan which would have seen every public school rebuilt or modernised by the end of 2016.”

The budget also fails to deliver in the area of health, for local residents.

“True to their form, as when they were last in power, the Liberal National Government has once again ignored Angliss Hospital. Not one cent has been committed to upgrading facilities at Angliss Hospital”, Mr Merlino said.

Yesterday, the Baillieu-Ryan Government released their 12 year health plan which was heavy on rherotric and light and detail.

The Coalition has still not told Victorians how many additional doctors and nurses will be employed or how many more people with be able to have their elective surgery performed in the public hospital system.

Mr Merlino said that despite the Dandenongs being one of the most fire-prone in the world, the Baillieu-Ryan Government has failed to fund the upgrades of Silvan and Menzies Creek CFA brigades.

“Local CFA volunteers will feel betrayed by this outrageous omission.” Mr Merlino said.

“Despite the Baillieu-Ryan Government inheriting a AAA-rated budget, with a strong surplus over each of the next four years, the State Budget is bad news for residents across the Dandenongs and foothills, Mr Merlino said.

“Ted Baillieu has spent the past six months talking down the Victorian economy and the first budget of Treasurer Kim Wells is nothing more than a grab bag of election promises in Liberal held seats.

“The Baillieu-Ryan Government had failed to deliver a vision for Victoria and the people of Monbulk will suffer as a result.

Mr Merlino said the budget lacked any mention of jobs or plans to drive the state’s economy.

“The Government wants us to believe this budget will assist families but the Treasurer did not mention jobs or employment once in his speech,” Mr Merlino said.

“Our state is growing and it’s important the Liberal-National Government make sure all Victorians, no matter where they live, have access to good schools, hospitals, roads and transport.”

Mr Merlino said today’s State Budget demonstrates Baillieu’s inability to govern for ALL Victorians.

“It is clear from this Budget that the Baillieu Government are playing politics with the people of Victoria and they will not make the tough decisions needed to lead the state or maintain the prosperity inherited from the previous Labor Government,” he said.

“They have no plan for Victoria and no vision for its future.”

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