Swinburne University of Technology

The  Liberal government is at it again. Members may remember the Baillieu Knight  Frank advertisements, selling off a massive number of  schools  and  ripping  away  educational  opportunities for families and communities but making  a fortune for  everyone  involved in the  sell-off.  The Liberal government and its mates have come back for more,  with an advertisement by Knight Frank, no less, calling for expressions of interest in the purchase of the  Swinburne  Lilydale  site,  with  the expression  of  interest  closing  on Thursday, 10 April.

The Yarra Valley  Educational Precinct Committee  has raised concerns about this so-called expression of interest. In a statement it said that  the expression of interest:

  … is quite contrary to our understanding …

It also said:

  We  were  told  that  this was only an expression of interest  in  educational  provision and that  any issue  of rezoning was not a matter for Swinburne. Yet  the invitation specifically  mentions potential rezoning to allow a variety of  uses.

The  Liberal government forced  the closure of  Swinburne’s university and  TAFE campus at Lilydale.  Now it wants to rezone  and sell off the  land, turning the buildings over to the local  council for  plush offices  and to  developers — a tragedy for local families wanting education pathways  for their kids but a boon for the Liberal Party and its mates.