Former deputy commissioner of police: meeting

I raise a matter for the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, and the action I seek is that he immediately give a full explanation to this house of the contradictions arising out of the Office of Police Integrity’s (OPI) Crossing the Line report. This is his final opportunity this sitting week to come clean and tell the truth.

On page 47 the report says:

He —

the member for Benambra —

said he did not inform Minister Ryan in advance of the visit, but subsequently told him what had occurred.

That is the member’s sworn testimony to the OPI — testimony under oath. The minister’s
evidence undoubtedly contradicts that of his parliamentary secretary. It says:

Minister Ryan told OPI investigators he was unaware of Mr Tilley’s visit to Sir Ken’s home. Minister Ryan said he received no approach from Mr Tilley in relation to Sir Ken Jones.

He repeated those claims on 3AW on 28 October where he said:

I do not recall his having told me and I don’t believe that he did.

The member for Benambra subsequently said:

I stand by everything I said under oath.

On page 40 of the report the OPI discusses the resignation of Sir Ken Jones. In the
minister’s evidence he gave the green light to former Chief Commissioner of Police Simon Overland to immediately move Sir Ken Jones before the chief commissioner took that action.

Consider this testimony from the minister of a conversation he had with the chief
commissioner at 11.00 a.m. on 6 May:

I told him that in my many years in private enterprise I had difficulty in a person who had been given notice staying on beyond that date.

I felt that it was in the best interest of both parties that there be a separation, with appropriate entitlements accommodated of course.

Three days later at a press conference following the chief commissioner doing precisely what the minister advised he would do, the minister cowardly abandoned the chief commissioner, and he said:

I was advised by the Chief Commissioner of that after the event, and it is the case that I’d have preferred to have been advised prior to the event.

Once again the minister is damned by his own statements: he was advised prior; he
gave Simon Overland the green light.

There are so many other issues and unanswered questions in the report: the minister winking about predetermined inquiries, deliberate deleting and shredding of documents and emails to avoid FOI, briefs presented to the minister and his chief of staff that have apparently gone missing, and allegations that Mr Hindmarsh was aware of and condoned some of the activity. This stinks to high heaven. The Deputy Premier should come in here now and give a full explanation, and while he is at it he should apologise to Simon Overland.

The OPI found that the campaign against Simon Overland:

… almost certainly contributed to the course of events that led to the chief commissioner’s┬áresignation.

Acting Chief Commissioner Ken Lay said he was under siege and Simon Overland was under siege.

The minister should do at least the honourable thing and apologise unreservedly to Simon Overland. In any other jurisdiction this minister would be out on his ear.

The SPEAKER — Order! The member’s time has expired.


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