Power Bills To Skyrocket In Monbulk Under Baillieu

Hard working families in Monbulk could be hit with massive increases to their power bills under a commitment by the Baillieu Government, secret documents have revealed.

An interim report from the Powerline Bushfire Safety Taskforce has shown the true cost of replacing all SWER and 22kV powerlines in Victoria, which was a recommendation from the Bushfire Royal Commission (BRC), Member for Monbulk, James Merlino said today.

“Mr Baillieu didn’t want Victorians to see this report because it clearly demonstrates that families in some parts of Victoria could see their electricity bills rise by up to $740.10 a year, each year for 11 years,” Mr Merlino said.

“The report, which the Baillieu Government tried to hide from the public, shows the cost of fulfilling this recommendation is in the order of $20 billion, which will push power bills up significantly.

“The Baillieu Government committed to implementing all BRC recommendations in full, but is not prepared to be open and honest with the public about the costs involved.

“Labor has always said this recommendation would have a severe impact on power prices but Mr Baillieu refused to accept that.

“Now this report confirms what we’ve always said and that is Victorians will be hard hit by huge power increases as a consequence of the Baillieu Government’s promise.

“It’s time Mr Baillieu was upfront and honest with Victorians exactly about what impact his plan will have on their energy bills.”
Mr Merlino said the interim report was released to the Opposition under Freedom of Information, following the Government’s decision to cancel the report then later release a consultation without all of the critical costings.

“Mr Baillieu said he would cut the cost of living for all Victorians but now we learn one of his key promises will see astronomical rises in power bills,” he said

“These huge rises will impact families and businesses and that’s why Mr Baillieu attempted to hide this report.

“Victorians deserve to be genuinely consulted on the critical issue of electricity assets, including costs. It’s time Mr Baillieu stopped keeping Victorians in the dark on how much his promise will cost.”

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