Playground Plagued By Idiotic Behaviour

State Member for Monbulk, James Merlino, said the Montrose community will be rightly outraged at the vandalism that took place at Montrose Community Playground on the weekend.

“The burning down of the magnificent climbing tower is a low act and a slap in the face to a community that worked together to build one of the best playgrounds in Victoria.”

“Our local kids loved climbing that tower and will be heartbroken to see it gone. The tower itself was inspired by local school children who wanted a playground piece to reflect the communication towers in the Dandenongs.”

“Every effort will be made by our police to catch, and bring to justice, the mindless culprit or culprits that committed this crime.”

“For the sake of our community, particularly our children, we need to ensure that we rebuild the climbing tower as soon as possible and we make every effort to ensure this does not happen again.”

“We should not give in to destructive and idiotic behaviour”

“I have called on Yarra Ranges Council to rebuild the climbing tower as soon as possible and spoken directly with Ward Councillor Len Cox. He is keen to rebuild and is currently working with the Montrose Recreation Reserve Committee and the Shire’s insurers. I commend Len for his response.”

“I will also be seeking, on behalf of the community, the installation of CCTV at the playground. I have written to our three levels of government seeking funding to install security cameras. We currently have cameras installed at the pavilion and the toilets. We need them at the playground.”

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