Pirate Day Friday Raises Money To Fight Childhood Cancer

Students across Victoria will dress up as pirates for the day on Friday 12 June to raise awareness and money for research into childhood brain tumours.

Minister for Education, James Merlino, will jump aboard at Kallista Primary School, donning a pirate patch and addressing students and teachers with a spirited “ahoy there”!

Students make a gold-coin donation in exchange for wearing pirate garb, such as plastic parrots, wooden legs and frilly shirts.

Teachers can also dress-up and incorporate pirate or adventure themes into their lessons.

Researchers believe brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other type of disease. Each year, more than 620 children are diagnosed with cancer, and brain cancer is the most common form of childhood tumour.

Pirate Day Friday is an annual Australia-wide event that coincides with International White Eye Patch Day, which raises money for the same cause.

All money raised during Pirate Day Friday will go to The Kids’ Cancer Project.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Education, James Merlino

“Schools participating in Pirate Day Friday are showing terrific generosity and spirit, and I’m delighted to visit Kallista Primary School to show my support.”

“Brain cancer is claiming the lives of kids. It’s tragic and today is about raising funds to fight it.”

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