Local CFA cuts expected in State Budget

 The Napthine Liberal Government’s budget cuts to the Country Fire Authority (CFA) are set to continue with reports this week that a further $40 million will be cut in next week’s State Budget, Mr Merlino, State Member for Monbulk said today.

Mr Merlino said that leaked documents revealed local CFA group officers were briefed by CFA command on the Napthine Liberal Government’s plans to cut a further $40 million from the CFA in next week’s State Budget.

“Premier Napthine needs to come clean and confirm or deny this additional $40 million budget cut,” Mr Merlino said.

Local CFA Brigades are already struggling under the pressures of last year’s $41 million budget cuts, on top of a broken election commitment of $136 million in support and training to the state’s fire services.  

Mr Merlino said that funding cuts had impacted on vital resources and training for local CFA members despite the guarantee by the Napthine Liberal Government that budget cuts wouldn’t affect training or operational capacity. 

“Rather than cutting support services to local firefighters, the Napthine Liberal Government should be supporting the CFA,” Mr Merlino said.