Battin Censured: Time For Shadow Minister To Go

The Victorian Parliament has today censured the embattled Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Brad Battin for his disgraceful comments denigrating the service of Black Saturday firefighters.

Mr Battin has refused to make a personal explanation for the dishonest and offensive remarks he made to the Parliament on 10 May 2017, when he said:

“When we go back to February 2009, the minister should be able to tell us how many career firefighters were on the firefighting ground on 7 February for the first 5 1⁄2 hours of Black Saturday. I can tell the house that it was zero.”                           

Given the chance to explain himself today, the Shadow Minister refused.

Not once during the censure debate did Brad Battin apologise for his slur against our Black Saturday heroes.

The time has come for Matthew Guy to show some backbone and sack the Shadow Minister.

Matthew Guy refused to defend Brad Battin in the Parliament today, he should stop defending him in public.

All our firefighters deserve our respect – not the insults and lies peddled by the Liberal Party.

Quotes attributable to the Emergency Services Minister James Merlino

“Matthew Guy needs to show some leadership and sack the embattled Brad Battin.”

“If he does not do so, he stands condemned as someone who supports his Shadow Minister’s disgraceful slurs.”

“Our Black Saturday firefighters are heroes – they should always be treated with honour and respect, not lied about in the Victorian Parliament.”

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